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Torture & Predicament Bondage – Getting Extreme.

Torture & Predicament Bondage This isn’t just about you just being restrained anymore. This is about me exerting my power over you by putting you in an uncomfortable position. I’m not just going to make you physically uncomfortable, I’m going to offer you a choice. And that choice will be the lesser of two evils.Bondage […]

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Exquisite Japanese Bondage Techniques

role playing

Role Playing – A Master Class on This Fascinating Fetish Topic.

Role Playing: You be the teacher and I’ll be the student If you’re kinky and love movies, you’ve likely seen the movie Secretary (2002) with Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader. (Aren’t you glad I didn’t say Fifty Shades of Gray? Blah.) The premise of the movie Secretary is that Gyllenhaal lands a job as a […]

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In Praise of Spanking. How to Make Your Sub’s Bottom Glow.

On Spanking: The one-handed applause to a magnificent bottom Whether it’s for punishment, celebration, or simply as erotic teasing, spanking is one of those activities that many kinky folks love to use during play time. It can be as simple as a few smacks during intercourse or as intense as strapping down a fetish partner […]

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Bondage Enthusiasts. Welcome to PerfectlyBound a New BDSM Fetish Community

The Ties That Bind For many kinky people, bondage is a huge part of their interaction with their fetish partner. It can bring a sense of joy to both partners in the form of aesthetic, physical, and erotic pleasure. Though bondage can be a relatively dangerous activity, many folks find the appeal is the danger.  […]

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